Making smart IT Investments 101

Putting your investments toward your IT can help make your business’s existing operation more efficient. From a recent study done in 2015, it stated that “53 % of small business owners do not consider themselves ready to invest into the latest and greatest technology.” That’s a pretty interesting fact considering how far technology has come and what it’s capable of doing for your company if used appropriately.


People don’t like change, and with technology growing exponentially, plenty of change comes from each new upgrade. When you’re considering about investing your money into technology, you need to factor in the price, the appropriate time to make the investment, and being aware of the impact it has to the already in place storage, networking, and servers. If you’re ever in the Midwest and happen

Still confused on when or what technology you should be investing your money in? Well, if you’re in the Midwest then you’re in luck! Because some of the best IT companies come from the state of Minnesota, but more notably Minneapolis Managed IT Solutions¬†has been steadily increasing their presence year after year. Continue reading to learn more about being able to measure the ROI.

KPI: Productivity

It’s safe to say that productivity (personal) isn’t easy to quantify, it’s quite simple to notice an increase in performance throughout the company by implementing a monitoring system-your key to being able to measure the effectiveness of investing in new IT. Before deciding on what you’re going to invest in, make sure you find something that will help your employees be more efficient and ultimately create a better workflow.

To give you a better idea of what i’m talking about, here’s an example of an IT investment that could directly benefit your company and make it more efficient. Investing into a different server that has more power and quicker processing could allow your analytics or reporting software to kick out reports immediately, that itself would make for a smoother workflow in the workplace.

Another example would be to invest into better Wi-Fi so people don’t have to spend their days waiting for a page to load. Something as little as waiting for a page to load can make a huge difference throughout the work place and everyone will be more efficient with their time.

Consider the fact that you can equip your employees with BYOD, meaning that they can have access to the internet outside of the office. This can be extremely beneficial for people who are on the road or traveling a lot and it will allow them to be able to access their files remotely, INSTANTLY!

Keep Upgrades Scheduled In a Timely Manner

Constantly avoiding and procrastinating on making upgrades can result in your software or hardware not being able to support what would usually be considered an “easy workload.” When companies roll out new updates, it’s for a reason. They released the update because there was a problem within the old software and the new update now fixes it. What if the problem in the old software was a security breach where hackers across the world could access your computer due to them targeting people who haven’t taken action on updating their software! Just something to think about.

Technology itself isn’t going to make your company successful unless you know how to use it appropriately to further benefit your workflow and productivity as a whole.