Workforce Transitioning To Working Remotely

Statistics show that within the next year there will be over 1.6 billion people working remotely worldwide, or 38% of the ENTIRE workforce. These people who are working remotely realize the importance of having a laptop that gives you everything you need when working on the go. Making sure your laptop is speedy, easy to carry around, decently priced, has a battery that lasts you all day, and great memory. Continue reading more to see why I believe these are some features your business laptop must have.


Making sure your business laptop has a fast processor and a nice graphics card is more important than you think. Nobody likes waiting for things to load. Nobody likes applications freezing and having to restart your computer. Nobody likes when your typing faster than your computer can keep up with. Nobody likes when your computer runs like it’s from 1990 when you have more than 2 programs open. This is why it’s important to make sure your business laptop is up to date and can process the work you’re doing in a timely manner. You don’t need the most expensive graphic card and processor for your laptop if you’re using it just to browse the internet and send emails, but it’s just something to keep in mind. If you’re a graphic designer or edit videos, then having a super fast processor to handle the large files and a good graphic card to really see the details in your pictures is a must have.


The newer laptops have done a phenomenal job of making their laptops easy to carry around. This is one of those things where you don’t really realize nice it is until you actually feel the difference yourself. I had a 2008 Microsoft laptop for a few years and absolutely loved it. It was big though and clunky and always hated carrying it around. In 2010 I bought a MacBook Pro and I was in shock at how much more “portable” this laptop was. It was so much lighter, so much thinner, I loved everything about it. It wasn’t a hassle to throw it in my backpack or my briefcase and carry it around like it was before with my old dinosaur laptop from Microsoft.


Pricing is always hard because you never know if you’re actually getting the best “bang for your buck.” You can lean more towards the cheaper side of things knowing that you’re probably not going to get a “great” quality laptop that will last you 10 years, or you can lean more towards the expensive side knowing you might be “paying for a logo” such as Apple.

Find something that you’re comfortable with, that falls within your budget. Do your research, talk to people at the stores and get unbiased opinions. Read reviews online, make a list of things you for sure want on your laptop and find a laptop that’s priced decent that can accommodate  all of your needs. You can always reach out to to help with your managed IT solutions or advice on which device is best for you and your company!