Using Technology For Education

Schools across the nation are starting to offer more and more degrees that you’re able to earn online. Online learning is continuing to grow at an exponential rate and expected to grow more than 35% each year for the next five years.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without technology and the internet itself providing people new ways to get an education. We are lucky enough to have wifi and internet readily available, making accessing content online much easier than it was in the past. Whether we are using our phones, laptops, tablets, computers, or any other device, we need to take advantage of these resources to make the most out of our online learning experience.

As a society we need to adapt to these new changes and continue to use them to our advantage. Something that’s crucial for these online programs is that the content needs to be engaging for the students so they don’t lose interest.


Here are some tips on how to keep your students engaged and creating an environment where the students will want to continue to learn.

  1. Change “hypothetical” situations into real life situations. Make the students apply real life-concepts and act as if these are real life decisions that need to be made. This is beneficial because it forces the students to take the lesson more seriously and think more critically.
  2. Include visuals in your content. Whether they are pictures or videos that are related to that specific lesson, changing the delivery method of what you’re teaching has been proven to yield higher scores.
  3. Create instructional videos for instructions instead of sending out the instructions on a document/in a text format. This forces the students to actually take some time to sit down and watch your video for the instructions and take notes as need be.
  4. Ask questions via video messages, and ask your students to respond through a video message as well. This also forces the students to actually sit down and take some time to respond to your question and have a more thought out answer instead of them just writing it and sending it in. It’s also good for other students to watch these videos and start creating relationships with each other and putting faces to names.

As you can see, technology is helping us learn in new and improved ways. Thankfully, technology has really made it easy for us to readily access information, whether it’s information about an assignment or a syllabus for a class, being able to access the internet from virtually anywhere makes this a lot easier.

As each year progresses, we need to continue to adapt to these new learning methods and continue to learn how to use them to our full advantage.